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Thanks Kerry,

The conference was great and the speakers shared valuable information.

And your Small Caps website has proven to be a boon in these interesting times. As an unemployed actor and writer I returned to my old love of the share market to hopefully fill in the missing dollars. The Small Caps has been my go to find relevant information on stocks and sectors. With my diversified stocks up over 150% in the last six months, you can imagine I have a smile ? on my face.

Don’t worry I have taken profits on at last ten stocks when they reached over a 100 percent return.

This email is to say thanks as without your wonderful endeavors this senior gentleman would be struggling a little bit.

Geof Spalding

private investor

Well done, Kerry

It was a brilliant event and I really enjoyed the diversity of presentations



private investor

Might I express my appreciation at the quality of the “virtual” conference? Having now attended quite a few over the past year,

I can attest to the professionalism with which you conducted it. The message shone through; “This is John Stevenson’s Daughter – Keep Out of Her/My Way”.

Regards, and thanks again,


private investor

Just feedback – I thought the conference was excellent – thank you.

Learnt a lot and definitely a few on the watch list!

One day was just the right length.


I have passed on the info to a few people who were interested when I mentioned it.


private investor

Kerry such a quality effort by yourself. I am very impressed with your style and content. I would pay to attend future virtual conferences that you run.

Hi there Kerry

Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes – definitely interested in a virtual conference or anything that you have to offer.

I LOVED the Conference last year.It was my first foray into Gold and it has changed my life.  My gold investments are doing well – although I have been taking baby steps. I am now a keen devotee of Shae Russell.

Please keep up all your good work and count me in to anything and everything.

This email is the best contact number for me.

Best wishes


private investor

I found the online conference very informative & helpful. I have done well from gold producers stocks over the years.

private investor

Hi Kerry,

Just a quick email to let you know I really enjoyed the gold and alternative investments conference a couple of Saturdays ago. So thank you:) I was really impressed with the speakers and the whole set up in general.

Looking forward to next year’s one already!

Kinda regards,


private investor

Thanks Kerry

Great format- keep it going!

Stay safe


private investor

Thank you for a great day of learning, the talks were all really enjoyable.

Keep up the great work!

Kind Regards,


private investor

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