Thursday 19th August 2021

9.30am – 5.30pm AEST


Please also note that the zoom networking event will be open for a max of 500 registered delegates from 5.30pm – 6.30pm AEST for questions to the speakers

Chaired by Kerry Stevenson, Director, Virtual Gold Conference


9.40 Keynote presentation: Rick Rule: “Crisis of Confidence In Fiat Currency” – Prepare Yourself for Surviving Inflation
10.30 keynote Presentation: The Perth Mint, Sawan Tanna, Treasurer – The different options for investing in precious metals Presentation Document
11.00 Investor Presentation: Barton Gold, Alex Scanlon, MD and CEO (ASX: BGD) Presentation Document
11.20 Investor Presentation: Navarre Minerals, Ian Holland,  Managing Director (ASX: NML) Presentation Document
11.40 Investor Presentation: Kalamazoo Resources, Luke Reinehr, CEO and Chairman (ASX:KZR) Presentation Document
12.00 Investor Presentation: Sunshine Gold, Damien Keys, Managing Director (ASX: SHN) Presentation Document
12.20 mini break
12.30 Keynote Presentation: Hedley Widdup, Lion Selection Group – What investors never get told but should or they may be burned Presentation Document
1.00 Investor Presentation: Ausgold, Matthew Greentree, Managing Director, (ASX:AUC) Presentation Document
1.20 Investor Presentation: Challenger Exploration, Kris Knauer, Managing Director Presentation Document
1.40 Investor Presentation: Tesoro Resources, Zeff Reeves, Managing Director, (ASX:TSO) Presentation Document
2.00 Investor Presentation: Jake Klein, Chairman, Evolution Mining (ASX:EVN) Presentation Document
2.30 Keynote Presentation: Barry Dawes, Chairman, Martin Place Securities: Gold – Next stage underway Presentation Document
3.00 Investor Presentation: Rincon Resources, Gary Harvey, CEO (ASX: RCR) Presentation Document
3.20 Investor Presentation: GBM Resources Ltd, Peter Rohner, Managing Director (ASX: GBZ) Presentation Document
3.40 Investor Presentation: Askari Metals, Johan Lambrechts, Vice President Exploration (ASX: AS2) Presentation Document
4.00 Investor Presentation: Impact Minerals, Dr Mike Jones, Managing Director (ASX: IPT) Presentation Document
4.20 Investor Presentation: First AU, Ryan Skeen, CEO, (ASX: FAU) Presentation Document
4.40 Investor Presentation: Rox Resources, Alex Passmore, MD (ASX:RXL) Presentation Document
5.00 Keynote Presentation: David Morgan, The Morgan Report – “A deep dive into the long term outlook for precious metals and why it’s taking a little longer”
5.30 closing remarks and zoom networking